« What kind of harness would a King’s dog wear ? » This is where everything began with POSHYC. 

The Brand Poshyc has been founded and inspired by an unconditional history of love for a dog.

Bracelet Empire - Lioness Elegance | POSHYC
Women Empire Collar - Sophisticated Glamour | POSHYC

The Brand inspired by a love for a Dog.

Founded in 2019, POSHYC has evolved into a distinctive brand, renowned for its luxury accessories collection — MUSE*. Designed exclusively in the US, each piece in our collections for men, women, and pets exemplifies bespoke craftsmanship. Our offerings, including the Muse Luxury Collection, epitomize class, handmade elegance, and high-quality design, featuring a blend of fine leathers, exquisite crystals, and meticulous detailing. *Muse Collection is now available Exclusively by order.

Highlighting our innovative spirit, POSHYC introduced the patented "Cross-Harness" for pets and "CrossBody Women," a groundbreaking fashion accessory that champions a unique, empowering style.

2023: POSHYC Unveils ClipUp, Revolutionizing Pet Accessory Customization.

In 2023, we further revolutionized waterproof pet accessories with our patented "ClipUp" feature, "Swap-and-Play," allowing unlimited customization through interchangeable charms. This feature is showcased in our vibrant ClipUp Collection, designed to infuse creativity and style into your pet’s wardrobe—a hit with both adults and kids!

At POSHYC, our mission is to deliver unparalleled style and joy. Each creation is crafted with the ultimate goal of perfecting style and design, ensuring every piece from our "ClipUp" Pet Accessories Collection brings a smile.

Marina E. Heka, Inventor and Founder of POSHYC®


Captivate the imagination of children with our enchanting Pet Accessories unlimited decorative feature Pet Accessories with interchangeable charms. Designed to spark joy and creativity, our charming collection allows kids and all Pet lovers to express their unique style and love for their furry friends. With a wide range of adorable designs, kids will delight in personalizing their pets .Ignite their imagination and bring a smile to their faces with our beloved and innovative World Exclusive ClipUp" Collection, By Poshyc.



Poshyc is also a Brand of Technology Products including Collections of NFT's, Available on OpenSea, and Apps Stickers for WhatsApp™ iMessage™ to Download on Apple Store IOS and Google Play for Androids.